Attention! Before contacting your service center, please make sure you followed all steps provided in a Quick Guide and a troubleshooting document provided on a product page. Please also refer to the knowledge base on Canyon User Portal.

If you suspect that your smartwatch has a manufacturing defect (a defect caused by factory), please follow these steps:

  • Contact the service center mentioned below
  • Get a document that the product has a manufacturing defect
  • Contact a shop of purchase for warranty return.


SofiaAsbis Bulgaria Warranty7 Iskarsko Shose blvd., bl. 10(3592) 428-4138
SofiaViewpoint Ltd81A Arsenalsky Blvd(3592) 988-9170
Burgas Viewpoint Ltd34 Vardar Str.35956531222; 359887955855
BlagoevgradViewpoint Ltd10 James Baucher Blvd.(3597) 383-1212
VarnaViewpoint Ltd118 Slivnica Blvd.35935952609140,3 59879110400
VarnaViewpoint Ltd14 P. Rajchev Str.(3595) 233-4488
Veliko TarnovoViewpoint Ltd36 Mizia Str.35962644841; 35962600696
VracaViewpoint Ltd8 Oborishte Str.35992663001,887899466
GabrovoViewpoint Ltd14 Episkop Sofronij Str.(3596) 680-0166
DobrichViewpoint Ltd44 25th Septemvri Blvd.35958600441, 882287067
KazanlakViewpoint Ltd14 Georgi Benkovski Str.(3594) 315-8458
KardjaliViewpoint Ltd2 Tutrakan Str.(3593) 616-5520
MontanaViewpoint Ltd16 Graf Ignatiev Str.(3599) 630-4304
PazardjikViewpoint Ltd1 Kocho Chestimenski Str.35934991111,890000002
PernikViewpoint Ltd68 Krakra Str.35976640350,640351
PlevenViewpoint Ltd30 San Stefano Str.35964802401,70011721,87711722
PlevenViewpoint Ltd24 Svoboda Sqr.35964835373,802842
PlevenViewpoint Ltd26 G. Rakovski Str.35964800421,801012
PopovoViewpoint LtdCITY Center, 5 15 January Str.(35988) 406-7932
RazgradViewpoint Ltd9 Kiril i Metodi Str.35984662486,899931720
RuseViewpoint Ltd9а G. S. Rakovski Str.35982822400,886425250
SandanskiViewpoint Ltd5 Svoboda Blvd.(3597) 463-1183
SevlievoViewpoint Ltd49 Stara planina Str.35967583030,888756063
SamokovViewpoint Ltd78 Iskar Blvd.359878820567,878820102
SlivenViewpoint Ltd9 Lajanska Str.35944636032,896036649
Stara ZagoraViewpoint Ltd120 Patriarh Evtimiy Blvd.(35988) 571-7266
Stara ZagoraViewpoint Ltd51 Rusky Blvd.35942642184,35942642132
TargovishteViewpoint Ltd6A Stefan Karadja Str.(3596) 016-1684
HaskovoViewpoint Ltd14 Saedinenie Blvd.35938580534,888560007
ShumenViewpoint Ltd5 Simeon Veliki Str.35954801868,899931720